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Lecture 2

Week 2 Appadurai article notes

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Girish Daswani

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Week 2 – Appadurai – Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy
The two main forces for sustained cultural interaction before this century have been warfare and
religions of conversion
-The world we live in today is characterized by a new role for the imagination in social life
-The image , the imagined, the imaginary – these are all terms that direct us to something
critical and new in global cultural processes: the imagination as a social practice
-The imagination has become an organized ield of social practices, a form of work, and a
form of negotiation between sites of agency and globally defined fields of possibility
Homogenization and Heterogenization
-The central problem of todays global interactions is the tension between cultural
homogenization and cultural heterogenization
-The complexity of the current global ecnomy has to do with certain fundamental
disjunctures between economy, culture and politics that we have only begun to theorize
-Look at the relationship among 5 dimensions of global cultural flows to explore such
disjunctures: 1. Ethnoscapes 2. Mediascapes 3. Technoscapes 4. Finacescapes 5.
By ethnoscape he means : the landscape of persons who constitute the shifting world in
which we live: tourists, immigrants, refugees... other moving groups and individuals
constitute an essential feature of the world and appear to affect the politics of and between
nations to some degree
By technoscape he means: the global configuration, also ever fluid of technology and the fact
that technology both high and low, both mechanical and informational, now moves at high
speeds across various kinds of previously impervious boundaries
-The odd distribution of technologies and thus the peculiarities of these technoscapes are
increasingly drive by increasingly complex relationships among money flows, political
possibilities and the availability of both un and highly skilled labour
Fiancescapes: the disposition of global capital, it is a rapid and difficult landscape to follow than
ever before
Mediascapes refer both to th distribution of the electronic capabilities to produce and diseeminate
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