Week 2 Faucault article notes

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27 Feb 2011
Week 3 – Foucault – Two Lectures
Two limits
-Rules of right that provide a formal delimitation of power
-To t he effects of truth that this power produces and transmits and which in their tur n
reproduce this power
-Therefore a t riangle: power, r ight, truth
In a society such as ours t here are manifold relations of power which permeate, characterise and
constitute the social body and these relations of power cannot themselves be establilshed,
consolidated no implemented without the production,accumulation,circulation and functioning of
a disocuse
There can be no possible exercise of power without a certain economy of discouses of
truth which operates through and on the basis of this association
We are subjected to t he production of truth through power
We are forced to produce the truth of power that our society demands
In order to function we must speak the truth
We are constrained or condemned to confess or to discover the truth
Power never ceases its interrogation, its inquisition, it institutionalises, and rewards its
We must produce truth as we must produce wealth
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-It is the r ules of right, the mechanisms of power, the effects of truth, or the r ules of power
and the powers of true discourses that can be said more or less to have formed t he general
terr ain of foucaults concern
-Sovereignty is the central problem of right in western societies, meaning the essential
function of the discourse and techniques of r ight has been to ef face the domination
instrinsic to power in order to present the latter at the level of appearance under 2
different aspects
-1. As t he legitimate rights of sovereignty
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