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21 Apr 2012

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What is globalization?
People believe that it's a radically new process that's resulting in unprecedented changes
Is this a new process?
Is it something that's occurred and is occurring again?
Do we package it as new?
The fact that we can use Google Maps to look at any street in the world would not be imaginable 20 years ago
The UN is a current organization with a long history. It's predecessor is the League of Nations, but came to power after WWII. It was
ideologically about this ideal that we could exist as a globe outside of nation- states
Time and space are being compressed- we are part of something bigger. So- called isolated areas have access to cell phones (even if
they don't have access to water or heat)
Key words: mobility, flow
Globalizations as a current process
Barriers like time and distance are dissolved (i.e. through internet)
Political borders become increasingly irrelevant (flow of people and capital beyond national borders)
Culture hybridization
Intensification of connections and our consciousness of this
Rise of the free market- economy (neo- liberalism)
Assumptions about globalization
Reading- Inda and Rosaldo
Labor is not linked to sites of consumption --> production doesn't have to be local
David Harvey- globalization involves the shrinking of space and the compression of time (space- time compression)
Anthony Giddens: stretching of social life across time and space
Space- time compression
Skeptics question the process and globalists acknowledge its existence and inevitability
China: a huge, fast- growing country that controls its media.
Skeptics: there are structural barriers to globalization
Globalists versus Skeptics
Globalists: nation- states are being supplanted
Is Globalization Something New?
There are lots of conflicting constructs that interfere with true homogeneity. People still tend to create boundaries and speak about a
specific (ethnic, religious, nation, etc.) culture. In many cases, cultures are reinvented depending on the context. We still think according
to categories that exclude or include
What do anthropologists study?
We all want to consume and participate in the media frenzy, but not all of us can do so.
Outsourcing film
Lecture 1
Monday, January 10, 2011
11:38 AM
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