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23 Apr 2012
Culture, Politics and Globalization
Essay (30%)
Due Date:
26th March 2012
How to create your own essay topic and question:
(1) Pick two themes from the course:
E.g. Labour migration and Gender OR Sex work and Cultural tourism OR The Informal
economy and Orientalism OR Arranged Marriages and Transnationalism lec 4 and
lec 8
- reread readings from these weeks, formulate a topic and a question
Things to consider; marriage age (culturally determined, global phenom?)
(2) Create your own topic by combining these two themes:
E.g. “Finding Love on the InternetOR “Sex TourismOR “The Informal Economy in
the Dominican Republic
(3) Pose a question that will help you better understand how identity is constructed
in the specific context of your topic:
E.g. How are these people represented and how do they represent themselves in the face
of globalization?” OR “What is the role of „imagined communities‟, including national
and transnational players?”
You might want to keep these in mind:
Provide at least one definition of globalization from the readings. You can ask whether
globalization is a new phenomenon. What are some of the assumptions and limitations of
such a definition of globalization for example?
Examples or case studies from the readings have to be woven into your argument in
providing context for how anthropologists have analyzed these processes of
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