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Lecture 2

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Merav Shohet

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January 16, 2014
Food ‘Mysteries’?
Explaining Kosher rules/food taboos
Food Diary- due Thursday January 30
Food-feasts-meals- symbolically & socially loaded
We can look at specific foods, everyday vs special foods?
-Method of cooking foods, boiled vs. fried
-Labour intensive vs. easy to cook
-What are the seating arrangements?
-Who is paying for the food?
Food Restrictions/ Taboos
-How are these explained? Ecological, medical, religious?
-Kosher laws of Israelites, very specific that generated debate about why.
-Why is food so symbolic?
Kosher laws: diary and meat cannot mix together. Kosher means clean, fit. Fit:
appropriate, suitable.
-The idea that eating non-kosher food is harmful, harmful effects on the soul and the
body, perhaps even the community.
Part of it is because it violates on God’s laws.
Food=powerful, evocative language
-Author talks about a specific time period, when the laws where writing in the Holy
books. -Jesus used the language of food to make Christianity a very radical religion
-His was preaching the word of God through food,
The power of God to control the food= for God to bless the people meant to be able to
feed them (give them life).
-To starve was used as a punishment, even as a death sentence.
-Lack of obedience=starvation
-Hebrews relation to their God was conflicted, they were promised a land of
milk and honey where they would be satisfied.
-We have a covenant,
-Hebrews contradict God, there are stories of punishment and setting
themselves apart having to prove they are good.
-Accepting God’s food symbolizes accepting his authority.
-Need for loyalty, respect.
-Seeking food that God had forbidden means rejecting him.

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