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ANTB21H3 Lecture Notes - Jargon, Post-Structuralism, Arbitrariness

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Donna Young

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What is language connected to social identities, how we think about ourselves,
helps us communicate with our inner thoughts very common feeling about
how language is built within us. repeating, reflecting, reusing, recycle words
that can be used from other contexts. We often use stuff that we experienced
somewhere but there are things that comes from inside such as emotions and
feelings. Language is involved in creating social identities. What makes a name
cultural? How do you determine that? If Anit Patel was in Delhi then it wouldn’t
sound cultural name because he’ll be staying within his culture and it would be
very common.
Gestures, facial expressions and something about the way we talk is important to
the social identities. Different way to think about social identities something
about the way the language works [very differently] which enables us to
determine the ethnic and racial sort of stuff
All have these ideas about how language works but they don’t really describe
reality well. Language ideology- its not about race but its about correctness of
the way you speak. In certain kind of context, you would talk orally or formally
which is where the institutional power comes from very difficult
All of these examples explain that it’s a difficult phenomena and change the
question to how does language work
There’s nothing in the name “Anit” which would make it “cultural”.
Different meanings of mean” – The man in the audience answered Russell. What
does “man” mean? Anit Patel What does “Anit Patel” mean? cultural name?
The category has to match with description pointing out on a woman whereas
as they’re talking about “man”
When we’re trying to explain the intuition between names – in order to figure
this out, we need to know that words and bits and pieces create different signs.
What is a sign? Two elements a symbol or some kind of forms which has some
kind of meaning for people.
How to cross intersections 101: urban transportation in North America Red
signal. [stop while driving] and green signal = go [while driving]
There’s something about these signs that have a meaning that are highly
contextual. Ex. Driving along and socialized into the sign marginal example
The complexity of Signs language . When we look at signs for figuring out all
these complex situations, rich vocabulary is required. Language is unique and
that works as framework to do anything i.e. imitating
Signs (roughly) signs are forms that have meaning for some group and which
can be used while communicating. More technical definition: meaning is a
process that involved” three component signs (whatever stands for something
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