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ANTB21H3 Lecture Notes - Language Ideology, Iunit

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Donna Young

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Cultural name: connects you to where you are from and where you are right
Its based on language as well
Related to long history and deep meaning stated by Russel Peters
you’re really connected if you know what that means.
Opposite of cultural names anything that sounds kind of English.
What is about English names that is not cultural because of colonization.
English is about being here.
Canadian culture: Russel doesn’t have a cultural name but if he had it he would
be proud of it
“Indian Name” – names like “Anit Patel, Prabhjot ( God’s essence), deep meaning,
long history, wear it proudly and have culture.
English regular name: russel, eric, Maureen no meaning or history, can’t
really weart it proudly, no culture [i.e. ethnic difference)
Language Ideologies: “That’s what they do in theory. But its different in
practice” – the practice or reality is different than what they say that they’re
Explicit explanation (“theory”) about language ad how language works
socially, which is related to, but doesn’t determine the use of language (i.e,
the “practice”) That is, they don’t accurately represent how people use
Key & Peel - White sounding black guys. bi-racial guys [black + white] the way
you talk the you move your body. Always changing the way we speak depending
on the contexts. One of the ways of language being powerful institution and the
school system is there to make sure you don’t talk, do things differently than
Everyone speaks in many different ways it can be speaking formal or casual with
friends or speaking a completely distinct language.
Sopranos usage of reference god father discourse from media. Media
connects to how language shapes our culture.
Often reforming the way we would speak and create a therapeutic environment.
When we speak it comes from inside us and reflecting thinks that are coming
from elsewhere
Assignment for next tutorial: for the tutorial of week2, write down an example
of a language ideology that you find in your everyday life or from some
product of popular culture. Nothing more than a paragraph, and it doesn’t
have to be formal. Bring it to tutorial and be ready to discuss it.
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