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± February 16th at 11:05am
3 out of 6 identification (20 mins)
1 essay question (30 mins)
February 14th tutorial ± review for midterm
Feb 28th no lecture but there is a tutorial with Laura.
- referentialist ideology as part of a football metaphor of communication
been critiqued
has major assumption in scholarly study of language
- performativity ± notion that the use of language (re)creates social relations
and worlds (the formal study of performativity is è)
- Speech Act Theory embedded many assumption about personhood
Linguistic anthropological approaches (e.g. Rosaldo¶s study about
Ilongot from the Philippines)
Even in English speaking societies, Speech Act Theory contained
problems (e.g. ³I insult you´ ± the addressee is not really insulted)
Many paradigmatic examples used in Speech Act Theory were
taken from 
- Magic VS Science = Primitive VS Modern
- Tambiah (from forms and meaning of magical acts)
relationship between society and the world and how this
relationship shows in language (in highly ritualized use of language)
 that is bound by cultural tradition and found
from primitive people who repeat what is already believed (can¶t
refer to cause and effect as how we refer it)
ü trapped by their own belief system
texts as fixed, repetitive, predictable
language can be excessibley formal, obscure, opaque
ritual doesn¶t allow for reflection, spontaneity
Major religious problem ± Lutheran critique of the Catholicism
ü You cant understand the Bible in your own language
ü You need someone to interpret this (e.g. priest,etc)
ü therefore you don¶t have a personal relationship with God
ü You repeat words you don¶t understand
ritual therefore possible space for establishing power
e.g. Maurice Block in 1970s
Tambiah PAGE 84 ± ³withcraft provides a social and cultural
method of acting upon the world«« past and effects results´ ³« a
sacrifice« laboratory´
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