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22 Mar 2012
ANTB21: Week 10 Media and (New) Communication Technologies
“media” interaction VS face-to-face interaction
- online/virtual VS real face to face interaction
- body language, eye contact intense way of communicating contact
- VS composing your thoughts, etc
Face-to-face: More immediate and intimate, modalities of signs (body language),
smaller scales
o Basic, real, correct or true communication= strong language ideology
of face-to-face
o interrupting or destroying the real sense of communication
o is face to face more immediate?
Mediation signs (body language, linguistic signs, etc)
Problem: comes to different types, shapes and sizes e.g.
stranger in coffee shop VS talking to your friend
Sense of intimacy? Different kind of social identities is evoked
in these different types of face to face interaction
Some kind of technological assistant as well not just face to
face e.g. viral video on youtube
Sometimes we notice the mediation or we don’t
Feeling of intimacy = whether we notice the mediation
or not.
- interaction through communication technologies
- distributes the participation of speakers in the communicative event
differently than so-called “face to face”
o e.g. tv/radio broadcast, newspaper, letter, new social media (fb,
twitter, texting)
o allows others to participate despite geographic differences and may
not be in the same clock time
o on going participation and maintaining interaction with others even
without face to face interaction new social media
- socio-communicative technologies that correspond to and enable complex
distribution of participation
- helps to construe a sense of belonging to a group or community
- on a large (e.g. organized community, following a sports team, etc.) or small
scales (family, friendship)
- large scale might feel that these aren’t as “real” as “face to face” but more
“imagined” or “virtual”
o hard to feel like an individual anonymity plays a role too
o e.g. reading an article from a newspaper you can’t feel that the
writer was talking to you directly but talking to an audience on a
stranger basis.
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