Lecture 9

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31 Mar 2012
ANTC31 Lecture 9 March 28, 2012
- Paper by Badone & Handleman = 2 different analysis of rituals
- Include separation, liminality, and aggregation in paper
- Don handleman
o Argues that within this commonality there are significant variations in the forms rituals
actually take
o Argued we have to pay
Because variations points to different processes and different affects/effects
Look closely at structural forms of rituals
- Badone: describing ritual then showing how rituals encapsulates socio economic ritual
- Handleman very influenced by Van Gennep and Turner
o Building on early structural work
o If we look more closely at rituals = subgroups
1) Models: Most commonly examined in anthropology, bring about social
transformation in one’s role, and ensures shaping. Liminality is marked by high
degree of uncertainty, often threatening sense of chaos or things might fa;; out
of control, cosmos marked by extreme indeterminacy.
Examples: by Lineheart that threaten the social order (the Dinka). In the
incest rituals; muddy rituals threaten social order because it can destroy
the entire community. Rituals of modelling, you battle chaos.
o More common in mechanical societies
o Emphasis on regaining control over chaos
o Handleman= pay attention to shape rituals actually take
Aim = control
- Are there moments in any ritual when chaos and indeterminacy mark the liminal phase?
- The liminal has big associating with boundaries and anti-structure
o Threat of the inhuman or certain ritual types that are human-like, but not human. Ie.
(Handleman) clowsn, the Pablo clowns are clowns that represent things that threaten
o During Pablo ritual, chaos and stability vise for power
1) Mirrors: often found in highly complexed state controlled societies
2 types:
o 1) Presentations: rituals that hold up a mirror to society and
says this is what you should look like, this is how you should
Funerals, the Olympics, installing the new PM into the
house of commons
2) Re-Presentations: the mirror that distorts, don’t have a transformative
function. They draw attention to social structure but making explicit what isn’t
normally allowed.
Ie. Gay Pride Parade; use inversion and parody, carnival
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