ANTC61H3 Lecture Notes - Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy, Reston Virus, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy

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Published on 16 Nov 2012
Emerging infectious diseases
o Great societal response to disease
Grouped together because they have all solicited great societal response
Rhetoric of immediacy
o Issue of invisibility
o Filovirus transmitted by direct contact
o Also by handling sick or dead infected wild animals
o Incubation: 2-12 days
o Commonly nosocomial infection
o Predominant treatment is general supportive therapy
o Onset is abrupt.characterized by haemmorhagic fever
o Mortality 50-90%
o Zoonotic:chimps,gorillas, monkeys, antelopes die of it
Natural reservoir thought to be a bird
o Localized to certain parts of Africa...tropical forests
o Apart from Africa? Western hemisphere of asia inm monkeys..only monkeys suffer there
November 2008 case in philipinnes: ebola reston occurs outside Africa: 6 cases (asymptomatic);
o deaths....kills other animals but not human beings
In congo
o Scientists tried to chane burying habits, eating bush meat
o Locals believe occult forces responsible
4 teachers accused of witchcraft stoned and beaten to death
Factors in distribution of ebola
o Regional trade networks
Spread of ebola has followed the spread of roads
o Other evolving social systems
o Think of ebola as disease of poverty
Encroached on land close to tropical forests
Eating bush meat due to lack of money
1976 epidemic in sudan
o First emergence of ebola
Probably there before but not recognized
o Not random, facilitated by substandard medical practices in a mission hospital
Re-using needles because of lack of resources
o Killed those who received injection
o Foreign workers in mission hospital affected
Emergence of ebola
o Social context
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