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Lecture 9

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ANTC67 Lecture 9 3/22/2012 12:01:00 PM
Assignment #2 due April 9th.
Can give it April 10th before 10am but try to submit it by April 9th.
There poor meaning lifestyle behavior (low education, social determinants of health).
When looking at problem right away, take that into account.
Things have changed before professor used to be able to smoke in class. How were
things like in 1984?
Attitudes and so on from 1984 isn’t the same as today so you can't talk about it.
2. Have to know what RR and AR are to explain why you use OR instead of those.
3. Lecture or any statistic book.
Anything lower than 5lbs or 2500 grams is considered low birth weight.
What are the factors/odds for elevating the chance of having a low birth weight child?
Parity = 1 is 1 child and parity > 1 is more than 1 child.
Another factor is pre-pregnancy weight. How much the mother weighed before
You can say it is a measure of how healthy the mother was.
Gestation: anything less than 37 weeks is a premature child.
Prematurity can be due to LBW or something else.
3 risk factors are given.
Part of assignment #2 is to look at: 1) what LBW is, 2) what are the possible risk
factors, 3) how do you distinguish if the baby is born prematurely because of LBW or
something else.
Does it work with what is said in the literature?
Certainly these are not the only risk factors.
Professor wrote an article on LBW.
Confounding the masking effect
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Don't worry about this slide for exam.
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Use this for assignment #2.
B is not really responsible for relationship it’s C.
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C should be a risk factor for disease or condition. It is associated with something like B.
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You think something is going on between A and B but really it’s C because it’s related to
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