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2 Apr 2012
ANTC67Lecture 2
oDem means populations
oStudy of diseases in populations
oEpi means diseases
John Snow one of the first epidemiologists in the English world to make his
Pretend you are an epidemiologist and there’s a huge cholera epidemic in 1865
oPre-bacterial time
oBefore 1890s no known as disease causations as we know it today
oSo first placed disease in geographical space
oThen get person and take down info like name, date, whether he had
diarrhea and if he did when he had the attack
oLittle numbers on map represent administrative districts
Bills of Mortality some guys made in 1603
oBasic a legend of how people times
oLife table
Life expectancy at birth
In Canada it’s approx 77-80 for men, 80-82 for women
Could be because women don’t engage in risky behaviour,
more likely to get medical attention
oBut what we are saying has been preconditioned
oThe point is what we’re walking into class today is
knowledge of 100-200 yrs worth of disease
knowledge but historically this is not what people
knew way back then
oGenetically/biologically speak men are not as strong
as females (basic biology, not talking about
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ANTC67 – Lecture 2
Probability of dying as get older is like a U shape because high
probability of dying when very young and very old
He also said that people could die of either natural or
political reasons (political meaning eg poor people)
So how does it differ from consumption
They mean the same thing, they both mean respiratory
Difficult dentitim
When kids were young and teething way back when people
put mercury on their gums, so these kids were probably
dying of mercury poisoning instead
So plotted graph of when deaths would occur, and found
that there was some sort of seasonal element involved,
they died in the summer month, after 3 months, or 6 and 9
So pretend nursing and once 3 months child starts teething
so it hurts so you start weaning the child and start making
them eat other food substances
oBut if you have contaminated water for example
then child will be exposed to a bunch of pathogens
oSo weaning diarrhea corresponds to when teething
child starts to wean and consume other foods
oDisease nosology is disease classification
And taxonomy of disease had a lot to do with how they were
Eg certain diseases fall under the category of air borne disease
Some go under water and good borne
Some go under sexual transmission
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