ANTC67H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Pasteurization, Latent Tuberculosis, Standard Score

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6 Apr 2012
ANTC67 Lecture 11
Slide 2
Looking at age of death.
Most deaths from 25-35.
W shaped distribution.
Slide 4
Need reliable statistics.
What is interesting is that you think by 1918, there is an excellent
registration but that is not the case.
No information of high quality calibrate where we can do research.
Slide 6
Survivor ship curve.
By product of a life table.
Life table has many functions: 1) called life expectancy (ex).
This is lx.
We start off with a hypothetical cohort born in a year (1918) then
people begin to die.
Every year it passes from reference point and people die.
After 100 years no one is left and lx is 0.
Gradual lost due to deaths and that reduction occurs with mortality.
Above red line is the force of mortality.
Below are the survivors at a given point in time.
Tells about how much mortality is occurring and how rapid the decline
is. High steep line means fast deaths and low steep line means gradual
Greatest mortality is occurring usually at always under the age of 5 or
Tremendous loss in babies before 1.
Slide 22
Epidemic wave theory.
Understand what this graph means.
Know the name of the person who came up with this to explain the
evolution of something like tuberculosis over time.
The person’s name is Grigg.***
After how many generations would you expect mortality due to
tuberculosis to essentially become zero in a given society.
A generation is 30 years so after 10 generations its 0.
Comes through immigration or birth.
Slide 23
Remember that the pattern in most populations (not every population)
suggests there is difference between sexes and males suffer.
Recent evidence says that is not universal.
There is a timing in which death occurs.
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