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Lecture 2

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Donna Young

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ANTC31 Lecture 2 Jan1812Separation ritualA ritual is repetitive behaviour in which you transform yourself from one state to anotherRituals have structureEmbodied acts that carry out the message through doing o Symbolic actionRight of passageVan Gennep o Rituals are universal structuresTripartied system y 1 Separation y 2 Liminality threshold ie University studentnot a child but not a recognized adult either y 3 Aggregation being brought back into society in new statusDurkheim and the sacred and profane o Both elements of our lives o Profane everyday lives quotidian daily practicesfrom the profane eg Medieval men going through maze to get o Sacred SEPAPARATEDto the sacred space Communitas returning home sense of belonging sense of peace collectiveo Structure of feelingo Can a
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