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ANTA01 Lecture 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Genevieve Dewar

ANTA01 Introduction to Anthropology: Becoming Human Lecture 1 Introduction to Anthropology Thursday, September 13, 2012  What is Anthropology?  A four field discipline including archaeology, biological anthropology, social/cultural anthropology, & linguistics.  This class will focus on archaeology and physical anthropology.  Archaeology is the study of human history % prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts other physical remains.  Maritime archaeology, study shipwrecks and evidence of the slave trade.  Historical archaeology, picture depicts vessels found at the Lakeshore, involves finding of historical importance.  History involves written records; pre-history involves a lack of writing. 99.9% of this class will involve pre-history.  Monumental archaeology involves excavations.  Paleolithic/Cave archaeology is the form of archaeology the professor is involved with.  Biological anthropology is the study of human bodies, more specifically, the science of human zoology, evolution, and ecology.  Biological anthropology includes forensics, primatology, and palaeoanthropology.  Become familiar with the image of 6 various skulls.  Bioarchaeology, where one looks at burials as a whole, inferring ritual ideology, belief systems, and world views. How do we figure out what cultures years ago believed of the world? Through bioarchaeology.  Bog bodies, in Ireland there are bogs that preserve the skin, finger nails, and hair. The bod body is called the *** man. He was killed in 3 different ways to appeal to the 3 different Gods. Th
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