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Lecture 9

ANTA01 Lecture 9

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Genevieve Dewar

ANTA01 Introduction to Anthropology Lecture 9 Homo Sapiens What are we looking for to identify Homo sapiens from any other speciesHumans have chins and foreheads AMHS Early FossilsFor a long time we couldnt find fossils that were 200000 ya but we have fossils from East and South Africa that date to about 200000 years ago Omo 1 matches the age of genetics we have found Specimens that are the oldest found of Homo sapiens Population MovementsEarliest evidence for Homo Sapiens out of Africa is in southwest Asia about 100000 yaEvidence suggests they do not move out of that area and colonize the rest of the world until 50000 years ago and do not get to Australia and the New World until much laterThere are two theories Out of Africa II and Multiregional hypothesis But most evidence suggests it is Out of Africa II We do not see the arctic or Australia or the New World being occupied at this time They either really liked it along the coast lines or maybe the Arctic was too cold to move into that area this was the Pleistocene area AMHS anatomically modern Homo sapiens There is difference from behaviorally modern Homo sapiensTechnology by 200000 yaTools were similar to that Neanderthals were using were making very fancy spearheads Homo sapiens were doing this for 100000 yearsHunting big game using specifically spear headsUpper Paleolithic RevolutionAt 5060 kya we see an explosion of amazing new advances in technology art culture and evidence for ideology Some say there was mutation in the brain thus we cant see what happened but others believe anatomically modern Homo sapiens always had the brain structure but it was a gradual process it wasnt some mutation in the brain that occurredThe upper paleolithic revolution happens in upper paleolithic and the idea that people were eating more shellfish and omega fatty acids triggered everyone to become hyperadvanced There is no fossil evidence to say there is any change that occurred for those to eat shellfish to become more advanced They base their view on a special list of traits that appeared 5060 kya that they say did not appear before Selfornamentation is important because it is culture it differentiates one group from anotherthe people that believe in the Great Leap Forward Upper Paleolithic Revolution believe that everything in this list all happen at once and you can only claim you have a site of modern Homo sapiens if you have all of these thingsBlade ToolsBlade is anything that is twice as long as it is wide The blades are the tool type where you can take a blade and make any number of tools from that blade Blades are made into knives and used to engrave things see the development of art and can also be made into needles to produce clothing Bone HarpoonsAre highly decorated so we see decoration for decoration sake there is no utilitarian value to decorating the harpoons This is the oldest evidence of thatUse of pigmentsSee the use of red ochre as pigment
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