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LIFE ON EARTH Part 1: Primates: Characteristics include hands to grab and eyes to accurately judge distance Lemur- 5 fingers but have features of dogs and cats. They recognize each other through scent marks Suffolk-Long hind legs for jumping on trees, which make walking on all 4 impossible Leper- sends messages through calls in the forest. Became nocturnal when the competition of monkeys arrived Laurous-Forward facing eyes and grasping eyes; uses scent Tartia-Dominant in eyes and run around the treetops like squirrels and uses scented urine to mark territory. Howlers- loudest noise made by any mammal; can be heard about 5 km away. They become larger and larger because the bigger monkeys win in fights and they reproduce other larger monkeys. Once they get larger, it becomes harder to climb trees but they use their tail like a hand. Their sense of smell is dull so they hold it very close to the nose to sniff. Primates are the most vividly colourful out of all mammals. Some have never developed the grasping tail so they never adapted to living in trees Baboons- ride on mothers back as a baby. They eat a variety of things including other monkeys, if they can catch them. Bigger males keep order with visual signal and warn others with an eyebrow signal. Mikak- most adaptable out of all the monkeys and live in many different habitats. None of them hibernate so they have to dig through the snow in search of food. In colder regions, they have developed a method to keep warm (relief from sitting all day in a hot bath). Some live in the shore of japan, people tried to lure the monkeys out with sweet potatos. One monkey began to wash their potatos in the sea. Others began to learn and soon all the monkeys were doing it. They tried testing it by putting the rice in the sand for them to eat. Scientist thought that it would take them a long time to pick up each grain. But they soon quickly learned to put it in the waters so that the grains floated up while the sand sunk down. Others soon adap
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