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Anna Nagy

W ALKING WITH CAVEMEN (PART 1) 8 million years ago  Like modern apes, they use their legs and arms to swing from tree to tree  How did they begin to walk on two legs? -> answer is under water  The mountains are having heavy affects on the weather, all the  Fain that reaches the rainforests in Africa are dry (creating hills and slopes) Ancient ancestor from 300 thousand years ago in Africa A. afarensis  They can stand and walk on two legs sets them apart from any apes before them  Live up to 50 years  Lucy is 22 died protecting her baby (beginning of love and grief?)  Have a territory like regular chimps bordered by mountains and rivers Forced to spend more time on the ground  Two legs= taller and see farther. However it does not make you faster and becomes an easy target  Extra energy is given by walking on two legs instead of walking on four  More energy to recover after making one more baby = better chance of survival of the species  Males fight for leadership in the group (tries to obtain it by getting with the dominant female leader of the group) (1974 they dug up Lucy and named her after the song by the Beatles) 2 million years ago Aranthropus  A stranger, looking to join a new group, must get along with both the dominant female and male to join. Homohabulus  Scavenger  More difficult for them to survive the dry weather  Willing to try anything to survive (more inquisitive)  Eat meat  Inventive due to lack of food  First to make tools and weapons  Protein allows their brain to develop and grow smarter  They realize that they are able to stand up to predators if they work as a team  Bone marrow (full of protein) other animals are unable to get it but these apes have the ability with new tools  This trait allows them to survive in an ever changing world, this is the characteristics that passes on to us Boysiai  large gorilla like apes  ability to eat the toughest vegetation left from the dry weather  do not like to get wet, inability to build shelter (like apes)  able to survive in their own habitat but will not survive against the continuously changing weather Why so many types of two leg standing apes?  Due to the sun, it was on a tilt.  Summers got colder and the summers did not melt the ice enough  Ice caps kept building, land started drying up (seasons were created)  New species evolved, grass started growing, animals with better digestive system  Weather is changing again-> new habitats and new animals  Primates must adjust to it W ALKING WITH CAVEMEN (PART 2) Homoagasta  1.5 mil
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