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University of Toronto Scarborough
Genevieve Dewar

NOVEMBER 29 2012  Ancient civilization linked to agriculture and food production  Civilization o We need to have food and labor surplus o Wealth o Social stratification because people will want to control the wealth  Government forms for social norms o Ability for specialized labor o Development of recording and writing  Oldest civilization is from Jehrico, Israel  Religious leaders, warriors, economic leaders = 3 realms of power come from o People stand up to take control ^ o Players on how we develop civilization ^  Plough - Instead of one person till the fields, oxs’ are used and few people needed to till the field  Wheel helps long distance trade of item  Development of social stratification o Merchants do long distance trade  Police to protect them  Government council o Farmers are lower  Formal government to take care of redistribution of wealth, safety, and people getting enough to eat o Attain power through  Rank born into position  Authority  obtain position. Such as good warrior, etc. when they die, it wont continue like rank  Labor specialization o Early potters o Next came black smiting o People who are not linked to food production, are expected to specialize  Monumental architecture: o Starts of as food grain house o Reflecting the power of the leaders to control enough people to build such monuments  Dense population o Children move to the city to use their crafts o Relationship between hinterland and city  Record keeping o Origins of writing in pictograms o Knowledge is power o Development of scribes  Leaders made sure everyone can read this o Inca civilization – grass skirts was a way to communicate  6 classic theories of the emergence of states o race  o environment determinism environment dictates where people will develop civilization. o the urban revolution V. Gordon Childe: rather than food surplus being the cause, raw materials = plough and
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