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ANTA01 Fossils

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Genevieve Dewar

November 15 2012 Lecture:  Identify homo sapiens vs any other one / (humans have) o Chins o Foreheads  Fossils appear 200,000 years old o Found in Eastern and Southern Africa  Refer to lecture slide for pictures: o Omo 1  Eastern Africa - 195,000 years old o Herto  East Africa – 165,000 ya o Klasies River Mouth  Souht Africa – 125,000 ya  Southwest asia 100.000 years ago where early homo sapiens found out of Africa  AMHS – anatomically modern Homo Sapiens  Tools of homo sapiens are similar to neanthertals o They actually end up doing this for 100,000 years.  Major transition o 2 ideas about behavior  1) Upper Paleolithic revolution  eating more shellfish and omega fatty acids. Resulted in burst of behavior change.  Made tools on blades  Fishing and catching birds  Long distance trade  Use of jewelry  Art  earliest sculptures of them all is the ‘Venus of Willendorf’ which is made of limestone (11cm high). o ‘Venus of Brassempouy’ is the sculpture with face, which is made of ivory. o In Europe male figures are rare.  They typically wear costumes portraying shamans or dancers  Africa they are more common  Therianthrope  Man in a deer costume (spring buck)  Game playing  Burials  earliest burial comes from the site cal
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