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ANTA01 ch 10+11 lecture notes

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Genevieve Dewar

Ch 10 11 Anthro exam Focus on the lectures Most IMPORTANTLYREREAD your notes then glance at your textbook Not expecting you to know everything in the textbook Especially genetics simple mendelian traits you dont have to focus into the details in the book If thers something highlighted in the textbook ANDthe lecture THEN you have to know otherwise no The definations def of anthropology Primate infofocus on videorelationship classification apesnew world older world focus on locomotion and social behaviourand link social behaviour with anatomy Mechanisms and processes of evolution tarsiers lemurs strepsoleni Not much on homo sapiensTwiggyfossil she gavehomohabilus Identfyinf speciessome dont fit but get classifiedNot so clear inbetween so lump into earl homo Clear about austrolapithicenes homo erectus neadrathals homo sapiens Homo erectus and neandathrals inbetween arehomo sapien2mya to 30 000 years ago Homo sapiens developed 200 000 years agowe begin archaic homos homo sapien neandrathalis or arecheaic homos old we are homo sapien sapienis means were same species but diff breeds now they are diff species group between erectus and homosapiens early archaeic homos or archaiec homo sapiens Oldewan lower plistocene and lowe paliolenthic ergaster type of erectus Middle Pleistoceneadvaced erectus forms and early archaiec
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