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ANTA01 CH 12+13 lecture notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Genevieve Dewar

Anthropology lectureHomo Sapiens chins foreheads Versus any other species this is specific to them Fossils from east Africaespecially from here and some south show that homo sapiens 200 000 ya Oldest homo sapien omo site omo1 Also from Herto site 2 specimens old man young child 165 000 ya oldest was 125 ooo from classys river mountKlasies River Mouth mandible so chinOut of Africa 2 100 000 ya out fo south west asia isrealearly homo sapiens older then neadthrals no evidence of of interaction 70 000 gap but living in same area Dont migrate out until 50 000 yaOut of Africa 2 all homo sapiens evolved in Africa moved out and replaced everyone and no gene flowmost evidence Multiregional evolution there was gene flowfrom atleast time of homo erectus 60000 years ago colonized most of older world So Africa moving into Europe Evidence in southern aparts of aisa But dont see arctic or austrailia ro new world until much later They either really liked it on coastlines or arctic too coldpliestoncene time AMHS Anatomically modern homo sapiensDiff between them and behavioural mhs By 200 kya Techonolgy no diff then neandrathals Strange and unexpected but if uou look at diff types of tools Oldest is oldewan few flakes knocked down then new adnvaed achlien where many flakes Mousterianlevlepis echniqueneadrathals developed yusing leveloois tec hinques100 000 ya they do this in Africa theyre still using same techinique Fancy spear heads to hunt big gameBehaviour One idea is Upper paleothici revolutoion Other idea is Gradualism By 5060 thousand ya Explosion in many ideas art techonologyideology Maybe thrers a mutation in brain so dont know when happened Amhsalways had potentioal brains developed in those particular regions gradual processwasnt some unexpalnable all of a sudden mutation No follicle evidence 50kya in terms of changeUpper pal rev happens in upper paleiolithic Idea tha Ppl eating much more shell fish or fatty acids which triggered everyone at the same time to become hyper advance ppl like Richard clyne say this
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