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ANTA01 ch15 lecture notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Genevieve Dewar

Chapter 15Complex CivilizationsExamlectures after exam mostly Name that fossil maybe two Walking with cavemen video how we use modern apes to study humans boisei why so important these 3 species lived at the same time Civilization What makes us a civilization GovernmentWe need to have food and labour surplus First source of wealth and this will cause social stratification because indivs will try to control it When pop increases so much we will need a formal govt to control wealth and we need development of social norms Then we see ability of specialized labour ppl who live in cities Monumental architecture develop so like look how powerful I am depending on civilization and whos in charge If priests incharge then like charge temples or if kings then castles Ncreasin pop cus theres more food production and farmers made to make high volumes of food The a recording system to manage it all New Social Structures After 10 000 years old transition to Holocene warmer glacier reciding and wild grains used domesticating animals but then we see right away 1000 years old we see slow development of new social systems that will be civiliation oldest is 9000 years oldGerico isreal What ever cause agriculture it allowed surplus in food for first time 3 realms of power tend to come from religious leaders warriors economically players of how we develop civ Food and labor surplus Extra food develop and it intensifies to over production Extra makes us wealthy so thye put effot to increase production Important inventions to make this happen is plow draft animals domesticated to pull plows we have enirire team So all members of famiy can specialize in diff stuff Wheel long distance trade of items Two important factors to this develop of surplus and ppl take control of this they take all food and redistribute it for everyones benefit and this means that you gota mobilize food to a central part then move it out and allows for long distance trase We have extra time the we have artisans then they want exotic raw materials and this may have cause wheel to take food to long distances Social Stratification Happens in a basica pyramid shape need merchants for ppl to do trade long dist Whn highr population then we need police and soldiers to protect merechants We have central import at top who are like government then under merchants and osldeiers the under that the ppl who do all work is the farmers Formal Government When pop large enogh we need govt to kkeep ppl safe in streets ppl can develop infrastructure Two ways to attain power in state societies 1 Rank 2authorityauthorityhunter gather pop we see egalitarian where everyone equal but when you have something that oyu want to be in charge of then someone becomes chief cus ppl trust them andtheir either a good leader or powerful shamun but there authority ends in them children dont beome it Ranked societies is when you gain position through bloodline like Egyptians In larger societies ppl try to keep in bloodline
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