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Lecture 2

Week 2 Anthropology

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Emma Humphrey

Week 3 Ch. 7 Archaeology - branch of anthropology focusing on the human cultural past Study of people through analysis of what they left behind This is the only way we can learn directly about people in the past especially those who lived before the invention of written Paleoanthropologists deal with the skeletal remains of people Interested in how and why human biology changed over the more than 6 million years we and our upright walking ancestors have been around Goals of the study of the past 1. Where did people live? 2. What materials did they leave behind? 3. When was an area occupied, and when did certain human activities occur? 4. How did people in a given region or time period live? 5. Who were the people, biologically? 6. Why did they live the life they did, and what rules or processes did they use to adjust their ways of life to respond to changes in their surroundings? Sites a place that contains evidence of a past human presence Artefact any object made by humans Feature a non-portable element of a site, composed of artefacts for example, a grave or fireplace Proce
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