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Lecture 9

notes for anta01 lec9

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Emma Humphrey

[email protected]Ŷn ¯°–¯f° nŶŦ¾f½°¾Ǝ, °f f, °¾½n¯°¾€ ¯€nfƎ,f¾ O‘ x¯½fŶc f O‘ ½fŶc f O‘ f¾¾,€nfŶc f O‘ ¾fŶcŴ f O‘ Œf€¾f f °f ¯nf, °¯f°¾ O‘ fţ°nf°¯ O‘ –ţnf€f O‘ u¯°– O‘ fŴ¾f½¾ O‘ u¯°nn½f¾° O‘ ¯f©f¾f° O‘ 9°–n° O‘ ¯f€fn , °¯f° ° ,– °f °, ! O‘ f fnfnŦ¾f½°¾°€nfƋ¯ fţ°¾½f–xJ O‘ °nn°–°f¾nfţ€€°––f½n½° ½¾Ǝ–° ½ ½°–ŦŦ¾f°ţ½f°ţ€nf° O‘ ½n¾¯f°f°–n¯½¯ ¾f–¾Ŷ–°€ n°€nf°"–°¾ "! O‘ Ŧ¾f½°¾°€nfƋ fţ°¯f°½fnf¯¾½n¾ O‘ -–°€°°n¯°–½½f°f°¾°fnfn¾½n¾ O‘ ¯°¯f°¾¾n°€¯¾f¯€nf°¾n °¾½½ €, @°f°J½€€Ŷf–€¾¯f¾°f°¾¯½– °°n–½¾f° ½¯°½½f°¾ O‘ ¾ff°–°¾ O‘ f¾¾f°½½f°¾ c °n°n , n °f- O‘ ¯ff°°nf- O‘ ,f¾f€f¾ţ–ff O‘ °€¯¯ O‘ ¾½ff½½f°¾ 4‘ Ŵfff°€nf 4‘ °¾ O‘ –¾ff°°€nfŶ°–°f ¾ O‘ Iff°fŶcc €¯½f°¾ 4‘ Ŧ¾f½°¾c'Ŵ( f 4‘ °nn½½f°n° Ƌc f -f°f¯- O‘ -f°f ½¾½n¯°-f°If n¯½f,°¯f°¾f¯½¾ 4‘ ,€€°n¾-f°ff°,°¯f°¾f°¾½ff¯° –½¾ 4‘ f ¾°n€¯f¯f°–½¾ O‘ –°nf Ŷ f $Ŵn ¯ ¾ ¯- O‘ ¯f¯-ţf°–¯f° O‘ n°°ŶcŴc f O‘ f€nf°¾ O‘ °¾f¾ c 4‘ ¯½½,°°f 4‘ ,c(Ŷ¯fn¾°)Ŵn¯¾¯Ť¯f°nnƋ( f°€nf 4‘ °°fJŦ¾f°€nf°¯f¾ŧŧŦf¾¾f°¯f¾+ &'f °( °n°n O‘ °fŦc O‘ -f°f-nf-Ŷn¯½f(¯°–°¯¾ O‘ f n¾Ǝ¾f°½½f°¾Ť° n¾€nf° 4‘ ff¾°°Ŵ€nf°½½f°¾ O‘ D°Ŵn°f–°€ O‘ cŴ'Ʒ€-f°ff¾°-°Ŵ€nf°–°¯ O‘ ¯½nf°¾ , °f f°–¾ O‘ ,f°uf°–°€nfţf¾¾nf,°¯f°¾ O‘ uff°–ţ° fŶ' f O‘ f¾¾,ţ€nfŶ f O‘ x¯ţ½fŶc' f O‘ ¯¾fţ€nfŶ-- f D½½9ff n O‘ –°fnf°@f° 4‘ 'Ŵ- f 4‘ ,'Ŷ½n°€f¾Ť¾€n °nfn¾ 4‘ u°–ţ¾f½n°–¾ *‘ °¾ *‘ nf½¾ *‘ f€°¾ O‘ ff°@f° 4‘ -Ŵc f 4‘ ¯ff¾ 4‘ °nf°¾Ŷ½°½©n°¾f°–n°–– O‘ f°@f° 4‘ cŶ f 4‘ €fnf €fţ¾ ¯¯nff€Ŵ¾f½½°¾ O‘ ,f–f°f°@f° 4‘ ccc f 4‘ ,Ŷ¯nnff°€f½n° 4‘ °f°f°¾ *‘ °–¯½¯°¾°¾ţf¾ţ½°n¾ *‘ °°–¾f½°¾ţ°½°¾ f°°–+&¾¾°n O‘ °n¾°€¾¯f¯f½fnf–¾Ǝf €½f°€¾ O‘ ,€€n°°°–n°– 4‘ -¾ fff° 4‘ ƎŤf½°¾Ť¯f°–¾Ŵ,f–f°f° 4‘ fŶ½f "°f¯°f ° O‘ f¾¾f°–f--Ŵ- fţ¯¾nf O‘ f ţ¾°–°°nfn¾ O‘ nf9°Ŷc f O‘ °n€f°¾ O‘
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