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Maggie Cummings

Liberal feminism vs. Radical feminism Liberal feminism is about women being equal to men, but at the same time women live under conditions of inequality in most systems of economic productions known as radical feminism. Liberal feminism is expansive and includes the fight to maintain and improve civil rights for ALL groups: men, women, children, and the differently-abled. Radical feminism has a complete tunnel vision and will not survive in this world because it is all based on myths. In this comparative essay, liberal and radical feminism will come face to face to bring out the differences also at the same time compare these two types of feminism. The reason I chose these two types of feminism is because it looks at two different points of views, a negative lens of inequality, and a positive lens. Although these two types of feminism have the same goal, it is just a different strategy that is trying to be pulled in. Liberal feminism is all about making sure that women have an equal role as men regardless of race, and ethnicity. Women’s lives were very narrow as they only had the roles of staying home and taking care of the house while the men would go out work (Khalid, 1). This type of feminism advocates on the side of women because in all points of view women are the ones who are being far more oppressed than men. Liberal feminist’s main goal has been the push for equality between men and women. For example feminists don’t want husbands to take advantage of the fact their wife’s might be better at taking care of a child, so then men would make the wife stay home and work while they go out and earn money. The glass ceiling has been a problem for many years, the fact that women can’t reach a high authoritative power than men due reasons such as the “motherhood gap” and other hidden barriers limiting women’s power of position (Khalid, 2). Liberal feminists create and support acts of legislation that remove the barriers for women. These
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