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Psychology Influences Behaviour  behaviour is influenced by a variety of factors  psychological influences on behaviour are: attitude, motivation, mental health, and social thinking How Does Motivation Affect Behaviour?  what motivates an athlete to put so much effort in; what motivates our parents to go to work  motivation can’t be seen, but it can be assumed/inference  we can assume what motivates our parents to go to work (money)  psychologists wonder how someone is motivated  there are 3 factors to motivation: biological, cognitive, and achievement Biological Motivation  we do some of the things we do because we have to—it’s a biological necessity (eat, sleep, drink)  early ideas on biological motivation is made of two theories:  instinct theory  the theory that believes involuntary and unlearned processes direct our behaviours (instincts are involuntary and unlearned processes direct our behaviour)  instinctively, we drink water when we’re thirsty; babies instinctively cry  belief that many decisions are made by the unconscious mind  criticism: fails to explain how psychological wants motivate us to do what we do; theory no longer popular/used  drive reduction theory  based upon the instinct theory  theory is based upon belief that the our physiological needs create drives that need to be reduced, which motivates us to satisfy this need  ex: if you haven’t eaten all day, your hunger drive will increase, and you’ll be motivated to reduce the drive by getting food  criticism: doesn’t explain why our drives don’t run our lives
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