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Agents of Socialization  agents of socialization are the people and institutions that shape an individual`s social development  throughout your life, you`ll encounter situations where you will rely heavily on individuals and groups to help shape your behaviour and beliefs  these groups teach you how to participate in society; they play a huge role in your social, emotional, and physical development  different agents of socialization have different levels of influences on you (depending on age and stage of life)  as a child, your parents influenced you greatly; as a teen, your friends influence you more The Primary Agent of Socialization: FAMILY  the family is responsible for meeting an individual`s most basic needs and providing the beliefs needed to survive  it is in the family that you are first introduced to right/wrong, proper/improper  families are the first to teach individual’s social behaviour  family is the primary agent, because it shapes behaviour throughout life, starting from birth (including those crucial early years of development)  today, families are more diverse, but all families are equally important  types of families: nuclear, extended, lone-parent, blended, same-sex Secondary Agents of Socialization  the non-family people and institutions that teach an individual social behaviour and norms  typically secondary agents of socialization begin to influence a child once they begin school Secondary Agent of Socialization: SCHOOL  schools socialize students through a hidden curriculum—it models a certain set of beliefs and attitudes that endorse specific behaviour in different situations  hidden curriculum includes skills like teamwork, self-reliance, punctuality, obedience etc.  these skills are aimed to be internalized by the student Secondary Agent of Socialization: PEER GROUPS  peers are people of the same age  peer groups influence an individual the most during adolesce
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