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Factors That Affect Conformity  there are various factors that affect whether an individual will conform: Factors That Affect Conformity Factor Influence on Conformity large groups tend to have higher rates of conformity (that group size rate doesn’t change much after groups reach 4-5 members) when everyone in a group appears to agree, participant conformity is high (even one person voicing disagreement group unanimity decreases the conformity of participants) public vs. private when participants are able to give answers privately, response conformity decreases those with lower self-esteem are more likely to conform because they want to belong (people are less likely to conform when they are confident in themselves/their self-esteem abilities) when a task is difficult, participants look to others in the group for cues as to how to react, assuming the others will ambiguous situation know what to do (the more difficult the task, the greater or difficult task the conformity) if a group member is knowledgeable (teacher) or has a high status (boss), other participants are more likely to conform to that person’s views there is more conformity to a group that has a high status also status of members/group The Effects of Conformity  conformity isn’t always a bad thing—it’s a natural aspect of social interaction (ex: acting the same way as your friends)  chameleon effect is the mimicking of the body language of a person whom we are interacting with  ex: boys began emulating Justin Bieber’s haircut  in an experiment carried out by Tanya Chartrand and John Bargh in 1999, 78 participants interacted with confederates (people who were part of the research team but acted as subjects); when the confederates altered
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