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David Reimer: The Boy Who Lived as a Girl  Winnipeg twins Bruce and Brian Reimer were born in 1965—at 6 months they were circumcised, and the procedure damaged Bruce’s genitals beyond repair  one night, Bruce’s parents saw a TV profile of Dr. John Money claiming that boys could be raised as girls if taught early enough  they met with Dr. Money, and the doctor decided that Bruce was a perfect candidate for a gender reassignment  Dr. Money believed that genes are important, but a baby is essentially gender-neutral for the first 2 years of life; therefore a child’s upbringing and how they’re nurtured determines whether the child feels masculine/feminine  Dr. Money believed Bruce was young enough that he could be raised as a girl, and recommended parts of Bruce’s genitals be removed; his parents were to treat Bruce as a female  Bruce was renamed Brenda; however, Bruce looked like a girl, but wasn’t very feminine (got into fights often, didn’t play with girls)  as Bruce reached puberty, his thick neck and shoulders revealed a more masculine physique— it showed the experiment didn’t work, but Dr. Money under the Reimers to create female genitals for Bruce  finally the Reimers decided to tell their son the truth; once Bruce knew, he decided he no longer wanted to be female, and dressed like a boy again and named himself David  because of the surgical procedures he endured, David wasn’t able to father his own kids, but reconstructive surgeries allowed him to have a normal sex life  he did get married, and was stepfather to his wife’s 3 kids; when his wife asked for a separation in 2004, he committed suicide Identity and Discrimination  society and its institutions (government and law enforcement) are responsible for ensuring everyone’s rights regardless of age, sex, race, or sexual orientation  in Canada, our rights and freedoms are written into the laws that govern our society— Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms demand the government treat all individuals and the groups to which they belong equally and fairly  Canadians enjoy these fundamental freedoms equally:  freedom of conscience and religion  freedom of thought, belief, opinion/expression  freedom of the press and other media of communication  freedom of peaceful assembly  freedom of association Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination  despite the Charter, discrimination (act of treating groups/individuals unfairly based on their
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