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Influence of Family Environment  family influences many aspects of an individual’s personality and behaviour  the way you interact with your parents and siblings can have a great influence on the way you conduct yourself in other situations Parental Influence  family is instrumental, especially in the early years of an individual’s development  parents can influence the emotional and behavioural responses of their children through:  direct interaction: involves direct communication between the parent and child, in which knowledge is transferred ; parents’ rewarding of desired behaviours and punishment of behaviours that are undesired are also part of this influence  emotional identification: by the age of 4/5, children unconsciously believe that some of their parents’ attributes (personality and character) are their own (ex: a child whose father is shy may believe that they are shy as well)  emotional ID is stronger among children who have unique features that are similar to those of a parent  children also identify with the family’s class and ethnic/religious group  identifications have a greater influence if parents act on what they say (a child is more likely to value the arts if their parents both encourage a love for their arts, and demonstrate an interest in them)  family stories: a more symbolic form of ID occurs through the telling of stories/myths of particularly accomplished family members (ex: a parent may the story of Grandma who started her own business, or of cousin Johnny who competed in the Olympics)  on hearing the recount of a story, a child feels a sense of pride due to the biological relation he/she has to these successful family members  a parent’s influence also extends beyond childhood (ex: a child whose parental
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