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Personality  each of us have a distinct personality that shows our characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting Categorizing Personality: Hans Eysenck  Hans Eysenck believed there two be two dimensions to personality:  if a person is more extroverted or introverted  extroversion: directing one’s interests outward (especially toward social contacts)  introversion: directing one’s interests inward  a person’s neuroticism  stable  unstable  Hans would ask patients a series of questions to determine their combination of dimensions:  extroverted + stable—sociable, outgoing, talkative  extroverted + unstable—touchy, restless, aggressive, excitable  introverted + stable—passive, careful, thoughtful, peaceful  introverted + unstable—moody, anxious, rigid, sober, quiet  research shows that Hans was wrong—his dimensions rarely predicted how people react to situations Predicting Personality: Big Five Factors  psychologists organized personality traits into the Big Five factors of personality  the Big Five have grouped personality traits, and they are:  openness—imaginative/independent (not practical/conforming)  conscientiousness—organized/careful (not disorganized and careless)  extroversion—outgoing/energetic (not shy and reserved)  agreeable—friendly/helpful (not cold and unkind)  neuroticism—anxious/insecure (not calm and secure)  predicting aspects of someone’s
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