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Physical Environment and Culture  physical anthropologists study how humans have adapted to the environment—they focus on the study of physiological response (evolution) to environmental stresses, and how populations have adapted genetically  cultural anthropologists look at how weather is understood in different cultures  ex: rain in Judeo-Christian tradition means Goad is angry; for the Anasazi (a Navajo culture), rain is sacred since it is necessary for survival  cultural anthropologists look at how the climate creates elements of culture and provides practical tools for survival  culture helps people adapt to their physical environments much more quickly than evolution does Cold Climate Adaptation  the Canadian Arctic is an example of an extreme environment where it would be difficult to survive without strategies in place for housing and clothing  instead of a heavy coat of fur, Inuit people have sealskin clothing that are warm and waterproof to adapt to the climate  they have snow houses (igluit) to survive the extreme cold  the knowledge of survival is learned and passed on to children  as the Inuit came into contact with Europeans, their cultural ways of survival changed  the Inuit today have different cultural products to adapt to their environment—
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