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Psychology  brain is the physical thing inside the skull; mind is the mental processes  flashmobs  a spontaneous public assembly of people that perform a brief, unusual act and then disperse  flashmobs can be dangerous as well—vandalism, burglary etc.  flashmobs have recently been agents of social change (eg.: carrotmob— environmental business)  people participate in flashmobs because of the sense of they are, or they lose themselves in the crowd  flashmobs aren’t crowds that have no order like common belief  when people act in a crowd, they develop a new sense of identity as a result of their participation  psychologists study flash mobs to gain an understanding of our current society and how people see themselves (recommendations to police on crowd control) Psychodynamic Theorists  psychodynamic theories are approaches to therapy that focus on resolving a patient’s conflicted conscious and unconscious feelings  based on Sigmund Freud’s theory—unlocking the unconscious mind is key to understanding human behaviour  unconscious mind: information processing in our mind that we aren’t aware of—holds our unacceptable toughts and feelings and memories (calling girlfriend by ex’s name)  the conscious mind is information that we are always aware of—performs the thinking when we take in new info  Sigmund Freud  believed human conscious and unconsciousness to be made up of:  ego is the reality principle of mind (rational)—often suppresses id  superego is the moral centre of mind  id is the impulsive/instinctual part of the mind (pleasure)  ego struggles to satisfy needs of superego and id (believed h
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