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Unethical Experiments David Reimer  at 8 months, Bruce Reimer had his circumcision and it went wrong—his penis was destroyed  John Money recommended that his parents raise him as a female named “Brenda”  Money believed gender to be a matter of socialization, but failed to tell the mother that this had never been proven  after years of feeling “wrong” Brenda discovered the truth  Brenda began living as David  David Reimer faced deep psychological issues (and depression), eventually committing suicide Issues in Unethical Testing Studying the Unsuitable—Genie  Genie was a 12 year old isolate  many psychologists wanted to study her learning and language acquisition skills since she started so late in life as she was an isolate and was neglected by her parents and locked in a room  while she stayed in the hospital, her psychologist became her surrogate parent  a year later, she moved in with her teacher Jean Butler, who kept Genie away from the other members studying Genie  when Genie began to hoard items in her room, she was moved again to live with her new foster parents of her therapist David Rigler and teacher Marilyn Rigler (they were married)  all of her foster parents cared for Genie, but they also studied her and hoped to gain recognition for their results  possible conflict of interest when those who studied her also took care of her Should We Change People Based on Psychological Beliefs?  psychology research offers a wealth of info about human nature, which can have an influence on policies and the way others are treated  historically, decisions were made without enough evidence to support them—they were based on beliefs rather than evidence Left Is Not Right  for centuries, left-handedness was considered strange and something to be discouraged  people believed left was associated with evil  teachers would tie children’s left arms and force them to become right handed (popular in 1900s) Homosexuality  in 1950s and 1960s, normal meant being heterosexual (not homosexual)  homosexuals were labelled as deviants and thought of as weak and susceptible to such influences as communism (a concern/fear during those times), threat to national security, immoral, weak  in 1948, Alfred Kinsey conducted the largest study on sexuality—he concluded that se
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