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The Influences of Heredity and Environment  environment and heredity play a part in shaping us  psychologists wonder if there’s always a part of us that is always inherited and another part that’s determined by our experiences (environment)  the formation of who we are has both heredity and environmental influences  ex: you are likely born religious or not, but environment influences which religion you worship Heredity  heredity is the physical characteristics and aspects of personality and behaviour that are passed down genetically from your relatives  for example, if both your parents are left handed, chances are you’ll be as well  the Human Genome Project identified all 3 billion DNA subunits and determined that humans share 99.9% of the same structural units of DNA  our personalities and behaviour aren’t 100% based on our genes—environment plays a factor as well Environment  many factors in your environment can influence your development—family, peers, and socio- economic status  if a child grows up in an environment where reading occurs often (parents read at home), child is more likely to enjoy reading  the Edith experiment was created by Aaron Stern, and he tried to prove that the right environment could create a genius  his daughter Edith was the subject of the experiment  Stern played classical music and showed flash cards to Edith since birth  by 5, Edith could read the encyclopaedia Britannica, and had a PhD by 18 Twin Studies  twins are two people who are born in the same pregnancy—the can be identical or fraternal  psychologists study both identical and fraternal twins to understand the influence of environment and heredity  the theory for identical twins was that any difference could be explained to environmental factors (since all twins have the same genes)  however, new research shows that’s not the case—in female twins, each twin has two X chromosomes, and in females one chromosome is more dominant than the other (chances are, twin females have different dominant chromosomes, meaning they’re not genetically similar)  twins that were raised apart are used to determine what aspects of personality are inherited (because they were raised in different environments, similarities could only be from genetics)  in one example, the “Jim” twins had much in common—they both drove the same car, had the same interests, named their dog the same, married women of the same name, vacationed in the same places etc.
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