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A Force Shaping Behaviour: Media  media influences social behaviour  example: Facebook friendships are proven to improve real friendships research shows  new forms of communication are being shaped through media (socialize with people all over the world) Socialization  individuals learn to think and act as others do in their society—they learn what is acceptable and unacceptable in their society  the process by which the individual learns the behavioural patterns, skills, and values of his/her social world is socialization  socialization begins at birth and continue through life—it allows values and norms to be internalized  through socialization, individuals learn:  basic skills (how to take care of themselves)  socially accepted goals (marriage, employment etc.)  roles and behaviours (how to act in certain situations) Categories of Socialization  the process of socialization is divided into 4 distinct categories:  primary socialization is learning the basic skills needed to survive in society  secondary socialization is the process of learning how to behave appropriately in group situations (school)  anticipatory socialization is learning how to plan the way to behave in new situations (plan ahead behaviour for new situation—using prior knowledge, about certain social settings, you should be able to anticipate how to dress, behave, and talk)  resocialization is the process by which negative behaviour is transformed into positive behaviour (jail) Socialization and Gender  boys and girls tend to display differences in behaviours, attitudes, interests, and abilitie
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