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What Is Social Behaviour?  behaviour is the observable responses to external and internal stimuli  each individual in society responds to these stimuli simultaneously  social behaviour is the interaction among members of the same group responding to the internal and external stimuli  internal stimuli: you learn to behave in restaurants by listening to your parents or watching how people dine on TV  external stimuli: you watch others in the restaurant, and follow how others behave What Influences Behaviour?  social influence is the effect of other people on a person’s thoughts and actions  it can affect someone directly (you go to a sushi restaurant because your friends are going, despite wanting a burger)or indirectly (you decide not to date someone because of how you think your parents will react) A Force Shaping Behaviour: Family  the biggest force that shapes behaviour  individuals learn values and acceptable behaviours from their family, and often use these learned values in social settings  a person’s first social interaction is typically with their family and caregivers  families are our primary caregivers, and they teach us how to behave in their absence  our social behaviour is reflected b
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