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School of Thought: Feminist Sociology  feminist sociologists examine gender inequality  in the early 20 century, female sociologists expanded their study to how men controlled their lives (jobs, finances, and how they dressed)  believed women were marginalized, deprived of power, and without equal membership in society  they believed the symbols, values, and norms of society favoured men  men had authority and society favoured them  social class for men was their economic role, while for women it’s their sexual connection to men  feminist sociologists faced hardships—less job opportunities and funding for their research  by 1960-1970, the women movement occurred and female sociologists began to be treated more fairly Dorothy Smith  Dorothy Smith is a Canadian sociologist  believes women have long been marginalized in society  she believed sociology should reach and speak to all members of society\believed culture was socially constructed, and since society is constructed to favour men, it doesn’t operate in the women’s best interests (therefore women had less rights; what they said didn’t matter etc.)  aims to make sociology reflect upon everyone despite gender, race, or economic status Current Research in Feminist Sociology  current research today by feminist sociologists: issues relevant to upper class women as well as examining gender in context to race, class, and sexuality  Chandra Mohanty examines race within feminist theory and how Western feminism has constructed the “Third World Woman”—an idea that portrays diverse women from different cultures and different countries as having one identify and implies that all women suffer from the same oppression  Judith Stacey studies same sex families—her studies conclude children from same sex families function just as well as heterosexual families School of Thought: Symbolic Interacti
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