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Technology and Culture  since the first stone tools and fur clothing, humans have been using technology to adapt to their environments  most human societies today have incredibly complex technologies (planes, water purification systems, cell phones)  when a society adopts a new technology, the ideas, language, social structures, and ultimately culture also changes  technological diffusion is the adoption by one culture of a technology invented by another culture  to be adopted into the culture, the innovation must become known, be accepted by many people, and fit into an existing system of knowledge  other factors that influence how quickly or whether an innovation will be accepted are whether an authority endorses it, when it is introduced, whether it meets a perceived need, and if it appeals to people’s sense of prestige, and how well it fits with local customs Air Conditioning and the End of the Front Porch in North America  air conditioning revolutionized how people live  the ability to control indoor climates has changed the way buildings are built, where people live, and how the interact with one another  in particular, air conditioning has changed the culture of the front porch, particularly for women in North America  before air conditioning, the front porch was not just a decoration on the front of the home; it was a social place where women talked to neighbours, catch up on news, and do work (knitting)  the porch provided a cooler place to sit on hot summer evenings, and allowed women to talk with one another and with other people  today, people are still cooling off, catching up on news, and doing work, but technology has changed how these things are done  North Americans have become more isolated from their physical neighbours, while the internet has created new virtual communities that aren’t depended on physical proximity  in many online communities, neighbours are connecting through neighbourhood forums, blogs, and other social networks Digital Technology  anthropologists are currently studying digital technology’s impact on cultures and subcultures  some recent research includes:  hacker/blogger culture  the greater popularity of IM and tex
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