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The Bhil of India (Patrilineal)  an agricultural society  like many patrilineal societies, the Bhil recognize lineages and clans  lineage—all the male relatives in a family that can be traced back to one common direct ancestor  clan—a group of several lineages in a patrilineal or matrilineal society in which people are related but can’t always trace exact relationships  the Bhil call it the arak  individuals may not be able to trace their exact relationships in a clan, but it is recognized that they are related and may not marry within the same arak  marriages among the Bhil are arranged, because the marriages are purposely organized o strengthen kin networks and reinforce social strength, security and reputation  when a girl is around 15, her father consults all of his male relations—they help spread the word that his daughter is available, loan him money, and provide labour for the wedding  each family prepares a special meal for the bride  the lineage also provides similar financial and labour services in matters of land obligations and funerals  after members of the lineage spread the word, they bring back suggestions of eligible men (their character, appearance, reputation, arak/clan) to the girl’s father  once a suitable candidate is found, arrangements are made for the wedding, including at least 11 days of wedding feasts and other preparations (payment of bride price— groom’s father pays bride’s father, other rituals like a mock battle between the groom and bride’s brothers)  once the couple is married, the bride’s family owes respect to the groom’s family, and the families will exchange mutual hospitality in the future  in the 1990s, wage labour came to Bhil society, and many young men left the farms to work in cities or migrated to Asia, Europe and North America  the new economic conditions broke down
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