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Influence of Workplace Environments  on average, Canadian adults spend 1/3 of their waking lives at work, so it’s no wonder that psychologists are now studying ways to improve the workplace environment  using theories and empirical research, psychologists can help improve a variety of workplace issues Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology)  a branch of applied psychology that is interested in how workers think, feel, and behave at work  its goals are to help people feel satisfied in their work and to help organizations maximise their human resources  I/O psychologists examine issues such as positive and negative co-worker interactions, prejudice, stress and burnout, and work0life balance  I/O psychologists study task variety, repetition and task difficulty in a line of work  I/O psychologists work with managers and employees to improve life at work by providing services such as conflict management workshops and leadership development programs, as well as using results of employee surveys to initiate change  research has identified factors that contribute to positive and negative work interactions  ex: co-worker support and empowerment lead to positive feelings at the workplace, while hostility and a sense of injustice can lead to a negative perception Engineering Psychology  an area of applied psychology  study and improve interactions between humans and machines  they examine communication and decision making, computer-information systems, and energy and transportation systems  includes most of our workplace interactions in our increasingly technological world  researchers may look at improving the design of medical equipment to reduce medical errors  psychologists aim to create safer, more effective, and more reliable systems in our workplaces  they understand the limits to human performance and the job requirements The Right Person for the Job  part of making a workplace run smoothly is hiring the right people  potential employees need the skills, as well as being able to fit into specific culture of the workplace  when employers are hiring, they don’t always get the full picture from an interview or resume  they turn to pre-employment tests to examine a candidate’s characteristics, ethics, motives, personality traits, intelligence, specific aptitude skills etc.  these assessments can help employers made predictions about who is the best person for th
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