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Defining New Ways to Discriminate in a Post 9/11 World  9/11 changed the way many have come to view Islam and Muslims as many Muslims experience racism, prejudice, and discrimination  a popular form of discrimination became known as Islamophobia which is racism that leads to prejudice against and fear of Islamic beliefs and Muslims  since 9/11 peaceful, law-abiding Muslims have come under attack by those fearful and suspicious of their culture and religious beliefs Discrimination against Obese People by Doctors  overweight people have been the target of scrutiny for a number of years—many believe that obese people lack willpower and thus overeat and don’t exercise (this isn’t always the case)  in an American study, 620 doctors were asked to describe obese patients; they used terms like awkward, unattractive, ugly  doctors also believed obese people were unlikely to comply with treatment, influencing the way doctors treat patients  another study shows the higher a patient’s body mass, the less respect a doctor has for the patient; less respect from a doctor leads to less time spent with the patient, and less info offered by the doctor  this leads to a cycle where the patient doesn’t get the help needed to manage the weight problem What Causes Prejudice and Discrimination?  sociologists look for answers to the question of what causes prejudice and discrimination in the process of socialization and conformity to group behaviour  there are numerous theories that aim to explain the unfortunate origins of discrimination Learned Theory  prejudice and discriminatory behaviour are learned behaviours individuals acquire through socialization  children learn by observing their parents and often imitate the behaviours they see  many of the behaviours parents demonstrate are meant to help their kids function and get along in society as they age  unfortunately not all lessons learned at home are positive—in some cases, prejudicial views are passed along from parent to child (often children carry those views with them until adolescent years, when they abandon beliefs of parents in favour of peers’ beliefs)  the family isn’t the only agent of socialization carrying potentially negative ideas that can lead to intolerance—media is responsible for portraying both positive and negative views of race, gender, and sexual orientation  images in media have been known to spread stereotypes (ex: white people are typically in lead roles)  the English language is also riddled with inappropriate terminology (fireman, mailman, policeman, weatherman), allowing children to make assumptions about gender roles and career choice  family and media has allowed individuals to learn and retain prejudice and discrimination Competition Theory  prejudice in Canada exists against visible (non-white immigrants) within the country  according to the theory, the reason people distrust immigrants is economic competition— whenever an economic crisis occurs in society, people incorrectly assume that immigration policies and immigrants are at fault  the unemployed may come to believe that newcomers have taken jobs, creating a sense of competition between the 2 groups  some believe the large influx of new Canadians place strains on our social and economic hardships of the country  unfounded and inaccurate assumptions may lead some to hold deep resentment toward immigrants and may account for certain prejudice and discrimination in society Frustration-Aggression Theory  sometimes the shortcomings an individual experiences in their financial s
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