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ANTA01 Introduction to anthropology: Becoming Human Lecture 1 What is Anthropology? 4 field discipline: - Socio-cultural anthropology o Very common, focuses on culture - Biological = Physical = Evolutionary (anthropology) o Focuses on things you can physically measure o Half of our course focuses on this - Archaeology o Last chunk in this class, focuses on the past o Material culture: physical manifestations of human activities, such as tools, arts and structures. (Pg. 10) - Linguistic Anthropology o Focuses on language, gestures, verbal and sign language The three main ones are socio cultural, biological, archaeology Evolution - A change in the genetic structure of a population from one generation to the next. (pg.2) - “descent with modification” (Darwin, 1859) - What we see now, is not what was there before. There has been a change in the genes. - Danwin went to the islands and seen different birds who seemed to be descendants that came from a single ancestor. Adaptive Radiation - The evolution of multiple divergent species from a single, less specialized ancestral species - Galapagos finches: all descended from a common ancestor Natural Selection - Genetic change in the frequencies of certain traits in populations due to differential reproductive success between individuals o Due to differential reproductive success between individuals ANTA01 Introduction to anthropo
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