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University of Toronto Scarborough
Genevieve Dewar

lecture 2 what is evolution? How does it work? - natural selection - sexual selection - mutation evolution doesn’t work on individulas it works on population what is species - a group of creatures that breed together and hav viable offspring o meaning they cant just breed but have to have offspring that breed asweel o maybe similar in appearance (deer) or different in appreacne (dogs o may live in one part of the world (polar bears) or in diff parts of the world (whales o share behavioral traits relating to social groups, food preferences, reproductive strategies o able to distiguies between member of ow species and others history of orgins - bishop usher (1650) rd - thought the actual earth began oct 23 4004 bc (6000 years old - students at camridge thought it started specifically at 9am - the earth is actually billions of years old Geology contributes - catastrohpits - George cuvier most famour for coming up with comparative anatomy o Also a geololist - noticed strange geology of rocks – some rocks were bent – he believed that there were extreme catastrophies in the world o Still believed the earth was 6000 years old, o If the earth is 6000 years old, then global and violent catastrohpphes to exploain canyon, mountains…. o But… - Reverrend Burnet (1681AD) o Believed the earth and changes in the earth didn’t occur through sudden catastrophies but through slow processes that happened over a long period of time o Had to retract this b/c ppl didn’t believe him and he was accused of heracy Uniformitarianism **VERY IMPORTANT CONCEPT***- means that process that exist on the planet today also likely occurred in the past - Buffon o Believed there were 6 epochs involved in the earths development o Forced to fit the 6 procesess in the 6000 year period - Hunton - Lyell o First to scientifically show that the earth is older than 6000 years o Did this by looking at the slow deposition rate of the Mississippi delta  Measured the rate of the mississppi delta - reverernd Chalmer o he changed the topic of discussion to one where to maybe it was Usher was wrong and his measurement was wrong At the same - carlous Linneus o established classification of species o developed the bionamial naming system o he wanted to name all the species on earth to expose the glory of god – he was a devote man o he named people homo sapiens o he looked at comparative anatomy –  by looking at our anatomy he noticed that we were actually a very primitive type of mamal adding ot the fire - when people were travelling and saw different tpes of people who didn’t fit what was mentioned in the bible, people didn’t believe these different people were real people and would be treated poorly - handaxes were found in travel o since they weren’t mentioned in the bible people wondered how they fit in o they were very well made – o they causes a stir b/c they were well made stone tools but the bibnle says that technology began in the iron age so why would people who have the iron age go back and start using stone tools conclusion to enlightenment period - people started to believe the earth was older than 6000 years - by the 1800s the questions shifter to how the eart
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