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Joyce Parga

ANTA01H3 Lecture 1  What is anthropology? 4-field discipline.  Socio cultural anthropology- very common, every department would have socio cultural anthropology. Madagascar- Madagasy - learning about different cultures  Biological anthropology= physical anthropology = evolutionary anthropology – is to make life very confusing. – very common. Human evolution, morphology, non human primates, things that you could physically major is known as physical anthropology. Genetics is part of physical anthropology- biological anthropology is almost the same as physical anthropology – they are very interested about evolution of traits and behavior, physical structures, fossils, transmission between human, primates. – common theme is the biological thread  Archaeology – sub field of anthropology, not as common. They are interested in historical records – what happened that all those people died of plantation and so on.  Your data is material culture: physical manifestations of human activities (Lewis et al, p.10) **  Tools, - any sort of structures. They take measurements of bones [physical anthropology]  Linguistic anthropology- not just verbal spoken language but as well as sign language. How people orient themselves. If you hear 3 fields – linguistics would be out  Evolution – definition: a change in the genetic structure of a population from one generation to the next (Lewis et al, pg. 2) **  “Descent with modification”(Charles Darwin)  What we see now things were not the same before – changes in genes.  Galapagos finches – all descended from a common ancestor.  Adaptive radiation: the evolution of multiple divergent species from a single, less specialized ancestral species. – not only used in biology, all the species look different but thought to come from one ancestors. Diversifying would cause morphology to shift. **  Natural selection: genetic change in the frequencies of certain traits in populations due to differential reproductive success between individuals (Lewis , pg. 20) – very similar to evolution definition. Ex. Why people look the way they do, bunch of cat in the island – about 25% is dark and other 75% are light – genetic structures. Major inc
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