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Mary Silcox

Prosimians ● Include: lemurs, lorises, bushbabies and tarsiers Prosimians - Lemurs ● Lemurs are from Madagascar, separate from mainland Africa ● No anthropoidea made it to Madagascar ● This brings the question, “How did prosimians make it to Madagascar?‟ ● Most species of lemurs now are very small but they were once very large subfossil lemurs ● Coquerel‟s Sifaka lemurs are specialized for vertical clinging and leaping ● Ring-tailed lemurs are more terrestrial than other lemurs and are mostly diurnal ● Mouse lemurs are the smallest living primates and are nocturnal ● Aye-Aye lemurs are the largest living nocturnal primates Prosimians - Lorises (Potto) ● Very slow moving ● Nocturnal ● Found in Africa and Asia Prosimians - Galagos (lesser Bush Baby) ● Closely related to lorises ● Vertical clinger and leaper ● Nocturnal ● Found in Africa Prosimians - Tarsier ● Very specialized vertical clinger and leaper ● The only primate to be exclusively faunivorous ● Nocturnal ● Found in Southeast Asia Platyrrhini ● Have flat noses ● New World Monkeys Platyrrhini - Owl monkey ● Only nocturnal anthropoid Platyrrhini - Spider Monkey ● Has a prehensile tail ● Mode of locomotion is called brachiation (swinging) Platyrrhini - Howler Monkey ● Have an enlarged hyoid bone which helps them make their distinctive call Catharrhini - Cercopithecoidea (Old world monkeys) ● Have full colour vision ● We know this because many old world monkeys, such as baboons and mandrills, hav
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