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University of Toronto Scarborough
Genevieve Dewar

November 16 , 2010 Introduction to Anthropology: Homo sapiens Assignment # 2: due the last week of class, handed into the T.A, 1500 words MAX, use 3-5 primary sources, pick a single fossil specimen (instead of a general topic like: Homo sapiens etc.) idea: become familiar with a specific specimen, pay attention to the debates made on the specimen, the textbook does not count as a primary document, use at least 1 journal article Final Exam: not cumulative, chapter 10-13 and pay attention to chapter 9 Homo erectus forward covers all 3 classes OUTLINE N Anatomically modern Homo sapiens N Out of Africa II vs. Multiregionalism N Upper Palaeolithic Revolution vs. Gradualism N Colonizing the world Anatomically Modern Humans N Fossils appear ~ 200,000 years ago N Eastern and southern Africa N Genetics also suggests 200,000 years ago N Anatomically modern homo sapiens : bit of a relic term when we used to call Neanderthals Homo sapiens , biologically we have been the species we are today for 200,000 years AMHS early Fossils N Omo I , East Africa 195kya = chin and forehead N Herto ,East Africa 165kya = sometimes referred to as Idaltu ( ancestor) N Klasies River Mouth, South Africa, 125kya = from the bits we have a forehead, and it has a jaw Population Movements N AMHS are in southwest Asia by 100kya N Eventually reaching Europe and Australia by 50kya and North America?? came to north K] 7 Lo][Z N Either through Out of Africa II (Recent African Origin) model or Multiregional hypothesis primary explanations for how Homo Sapiens migratedhomo erectus evolved into Neanderthals, java man , etc and eventually though gene flow the species were able to interbreed multiple Distribution of AMHS by 60kya N -}] ][ZZZKZZ]}ZZo]e shown last week* N Debate as to how they developed in these regions, or did we develop in Africa and come out and replaced the Homo Sapiens Gene Flow N Multiregional evolution theory N H. Sapiens developed independently in local regions from H.erectus, maintained species through gene flow
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