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Lecture on Ancient Civilization

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Genevieve Dewar

Ancient Civilizationsreflection the power of the leaders to control enough New Social Structures at9 000 yapeople to build such monumentsA consequence of the shift to food production is the walls and palasiades to protect alnddevelopment of enormous surplusessidelowprotect grainWhenever there is abundance density and reliability large wallslarge labour forcelarge food surplusof a food source there will inevitable be socialDense populationspolitical complexitycitiesPowerful rulers and chiefs priests and warriors at lease a few thousand people living in dense clustersemerge to control organize and centralize the supply interdependence between the city and the rural and distribution of resourceshinterlandThis eventually leads to the development of cities Record keepingcivilizations and modern life as we know itdoes not have to be full blown writingCivilizationskeeping track of food and labor surplusFoodlabour surplus controlled by an eliteknowledge is powerSocial stratificationonly the elite with scribes could readA formal governmentearliest cuneiform tablets are typically trade records Specialization of labourie three cows for two bolts of clothMonumental architecturemesopataniomodern IraqDens settlementscitiesmagic associated with elite because they could writeA system of record keepingPicsFood and labour controlled by small group of ppl who bottom left Egyptian hieroglyphicsbecam eliteo2 different language one for trading other FoodLabor Surplusfor writing purposesDevelopment of more efficient agriculture techniques Top right myanproduced surpluses of foodBottom right color and knots represent quanitiyPlow draft animals and the wheelSix classic theories of the emergence of statesLess people needed for food productionRaceFrees up a proportion of the population to specialize Environmental determinismas nonfood producersThe Urban RevolutionArtisans mercha
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